Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate

A 100% Online Graduate Certificate

The certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) adds value and focus to a major degree by offering students the opportunity to gain an understanding of the built environment. The certificate curriculum advances visualization, mapping, spatial analysis, thematic diagrams, and other urban design-supportive GIS-based techniques and skills. Coursework covers methods, theories, principles, practices, and application of GIS in urban design.

The program consists of three subject area components: Quantitative methods in urban design and Visual Communication 3 (theory focus); advanced GIS, urban design methods, and Visual Communication 4 (practice focus); and GIS practicum (application).

Program Curriculum [15 credit hours total]

Theory [5 credit hours]

URB 5752 – Quantitative Methods in Urban Design

ARC 5xx3 – Visual Communication 3

Practice [8 credit hours]

ARC 6xx3 – Advanced GIS

URB 5742 – Urban Design Models

ARC 5xx3 – Visual Communication 4

Application [2 credit hours]

ARC 5672 – GIS Practicum